A Real Game Changer...

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A Real Game Changer...
4 Dec 2013
We set up Eseller pro on a whim without any prior research. I have to say overall my experience has not been to say the least faultless (quiet often my error in hindsight) but with such a vast and intricate bit of kit covering so many areas of the business I must say I've really enjoyed the power and control it gives and highly recommended to anyone coming from a similar business model.

This is our 4th year in eCommerce and we set up ESP in June 2011 with 4,000 products initially.
The growth and control we now have with 45,000 listings only 2.5 years on has served me beyond my expectations - the business is moving forward and expanding and even still today we are finding ESP has already the ability to help by adding on already available services.

The ability to add more products, control stock, amend listings, help with emails, error rates, problem customers, add new suppliers, telephone orders with virtual terminal, packing QC screens, automated purchase orders and opening up new channels has shown an increased revenue on average per month of 10k 2011, 40k 2012 to 85k 2013.
The growth has been fantastic to say the least and has come with a lot of hard work as a one man team and learning within the software. Software training conference calls have been readily available and have helped me move forward.

Some support can be a little slow but prioritizing the support with anything stated "Urgent or Critical" generally was sorted or responded to within an hour so I mustn't grumble and once I was understood the procedure I knew which button to click when in trouble..

Initially starting with one ebay shop we have since added channels in Amazon in 3 countries ebay in 5 countries over 2 ebay shops and 2 magento websites looking to grow to another 2 more within 6 months all controlled in the back end by ESP.
We have gone from a 2 man team to a 8 man team all using ESP daily with different job roles successfully.
All my listing were created with easy excel imports and vast amount of information / images can be imported in seconds.
Our new site connected to ESP is just launched and working smoothly
Thank you ESP!!!!
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