Product Did not Work & Was Refused a Refund

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Product Did not Work & Was Refused a Refund
5 Dec 2013
We singed up to ChannelGrabber after thinking that is did everything they advertised and said it would do. However this was not the case I have never dealt with such an appalling company.

We set up our Ebay and Amazon account through their system and after investing a lot of time and money into this system we found that it did not work correctly, our listings on Amazon where changed and rather than having a title for the product this got changed to a HTML tag with no listing title. With Ebay after being informed that it did, ChannelGrabber did not support any of our variation listings which is a key part of our business.

We wanted a complete managed solution so decided that we wanted to link our Volusion store to ChannelGrabber however that was the biggest mistake of all, this did not integrate correctly and after speaking to them on numerous occasions we agreed with ChannelGrabber that we would allow them time to develop their software to work correctly or they would provide us with a full refund if it did not fully integrate, however after waiting and waiting and them saying it was finally ready to work correctly it still did not so naturally asked for a refund so we could look elsewhere. We were denied this and told that we could not have a refund because someone’s own time and effort had been invested in this, never mind our time that we have invested in a system that did not work.

So we send them in writing a cancellation request only to find out months down the line that they had still in fact kept the account going and had been taking money out of our account.

I had to call them on numerous occasions to get them to refund the money that they had taken out after the cancellation but they had never refunded the money that they said they would for the failed integration.

So naturally we looked elsewhere and found Channel Advisor who set up our account gave us full support and have double our business. So my advise is pay the extra and use Channel Advisor and NOT ChannelGrabber.
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Response from ChannelGrabber
17 Dec 2013
Dear David and Danielle,

I am very sorry you were unhappy. We are a slightly different service to Channel Advisor whom charges a % of sales because they work very closely with their customers to give a managed service that includes a lot of assistance above just software. In contrast, ChannelGrabber the product is software and not any kind of managed service, we work with excellent partners like Genie and The Geek whom would typically use software like ours to provide the managed service you get from Channel Advisor.

We continued to take payments from your card even though you had cancelled, this is extremely regrettable and completely unacceptable. It was an admin error from a junior member of staff and was refunded immediately upon request

I am sorry we were unable to provide you what you were after, but I am very happy to hear you are getting what you need and progressing well. I wish you the very best Christmas and productive 2014.


Daniel Williams
CEO - ...
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