Number One for eCommerce

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Number One for eCommerce
5 Dec 2013
We have been using Channel Advisor for several years now and they have helped up increase sales by more than 500%

They are a little pricey compared to others, but are definitely by far the most advanced if you are looking to grow your business long term.

I have tried similar software in the past and they are amateur compared to CA.

They are continuously developing and adding new features and have a great customer support team, that respond and resolve pretty quickly.
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10 Dec 2013
this user account was created the same day as the other three new reviews and all left stellar reviews on the same day. smells suspicious to me. Should be flagged and ignored.
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ChannelAdvisor Reviews
10 Dec 2013
ChannelAdvisor values WebRetailer, and the forum it provides for the multi-channel community. In keeping, we've made our customer base aware of it, and welcome them to share any comments about their experience with ChannelAdvisor. All shared opinions and comments are the genuine opinions of the individual retailers.
Zoe Ripley, Marketing Director EMEA
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again - a ChannelAdvisor Rep
17 Jun 2014
What a farce
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