Amazing Product, Amazing Staff, Amazing Price

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Amazing Product, Amazing Staff, Amazing Price
17 Dec 2013
ChannelGrabber is by far the best addition i have ever made to my business.

From the first day i called them they were happy to help and bent over backwards to get things done for me.
Clare Cormican has been brilliant and helped me set everything up and customize my labels and invoices.( and at no extra cost). i get through straight away every time i call not like most other companies where you sit on hold for 10mins.

I sell on 2 Amazon accounts and 1 eBay account and before it was so time consuming logging on to each account and downloading new orders and then having to import the csv into a mail merge document for my packing labels. Now with ChannelGrabber i just click on "NEW ORDERS", select all and click print which takes 10secs and then i can click dispatched and it will do all the hard work and dispatch all my orders off the relevant channels. it must save me at least 1 hour per day, 24hours a month. and it only costs me £40 per month.... i love ChannelGrabber it does everything i want it to do for me and it has saved me so much time to get on with more important things to build my business.

Well done to the whole team at ChannelGrabber and thanks for creating such an amazing product at such an affordable price..
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