PLease HELP: Uploading pictures in bulk services

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PLease HELP: Uploading pictures in bulk services
7 Apr 2006
hi guys, im looking for a service / software that can help me upload my pictures in bulk and then it will give me a bunch of URLs for each pic so i just try copy & paste them in the item discription on eBay. I know some auction software maneging service has this function but i have a limit of pix to host on each auction. so when i need more pix to show the details of the merchandise, i need to upload them one by one and it takes realli a lot of times. so, just wonder if anyone knows anything that can help me.

one more thing i would like to ask you guys here is that if any of you knows a photo edting software that can combine all the small detail pictures into one big pic so this way i also don't need to upload all the pix one by one, just merge all the details pic together and upload that one big picture.

please, please PLEASE share with me some inforamtions and im looking forward for any asnwer, and i think for people who like to show as many details of merchandise as possible the answers for this post would be very very very helpful.

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Re: PLease HELP: Uploading pictures in bulk servic
10 May 2006
Actually this is where Im stuck myself and dont know which software title offers this. Andale tech support indicated that i need to locally do this for each time. I want spreadsheet support but dont know if it's possible because at 500 or more new listings per week Im losing the will to live.
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Re: PLease HELP: Uploading pictures in bulk servic
21 May 2006
Take a look at Image Hosting services.

I've just had a quick check and both DataZap and do this.

Does that help?

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