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Don't bother

A review of Brightpearl by abbabbitt
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Don't bother
16 Jan 2014
They may have a good product, but their goal seems to be to get you so financially committed that you can never leave them. They are very helpful if you pay them. Otherwise, don't bother because they will just refer you to the documentation. Literally, even for simple questions. I asked how to set up eBay so that it didn't create listings until my inventory appeared at an FBA warehouse. They were happy to answer that for a fee. It's literally just a check box somewhere in their system, but they won't tell you where without paying them? I am amazed at their lack of foresight. My advice: 1. Avoid any company that has a high fee to set up your account, & 2. Avoid any company that doesn't charge you a flat monthly fee payable monthly. Brightpearl wants $4,000-$5,000 to do the initial configuration (you can do it yourself if you can figure out their 'help' tutorials) and they want you to pay a year at a time. Avoid them. It's not worth the hassle.
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Response from Brightpearl - with some important facts
5 Feb 2014
Hello abbabbitt. Thank you for posting your review. To ensure this review is taken in context by other readers, I would like to detail some important facts that were not made clear in the text above.

Firstly, abbabbitt is not a Brightpearl customer. He took out a 30 day free trial and then requested an hour of free time to connect his trial account to his live eBay and Amazon accounts. We recommended against this approach as a trial account should only be used to explore functionality, not to connect to a live seller account!

Furthermore, abbabbitt failed to show up on three separate occasions to a one-hour scheduled meeting with one of our Product Specialists. Had he shown up, our Product Specialist would have been able to answer the technical questions he had.

We would be more than happy to help abbabbitt properly evaluate Brightpearl in a structured way because, as he says, it's a good product!

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Joined: Mar 5, 2013
Not so....
5 Feb 2014
I did have to reschedule the product review three times, but it did eventually occur. That's when I was told that I would have to pay you to tell me where the eBay check box was. And your claim that he trial is only to explore functionality makes absolutely no sense at all. How can you explore functionality if you don't add your eBay & Amazon accounts? It was a trial account, not a demo account. You HAVE to add your information to set it up.

It all boils down to this: Would you marry someone before the first date? That's what you are asking users to do. Pay $4000 for setup and $10,000 for the initial year. So just to get started would have cost us $14,000 up front. That's shady as heck. We went with SellerMarketplace which has a low set up fee, which includes customization and is only $200/month. They charge monthly with no long term contracts. You require a year commitment up front, probably because you know most customers won't stay past a couple months.
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Re: Don't bother
28 Nov 2014
Just my two cents...

We did a very deep dive into Brightpearl including visiting their U.S. headquarters for several days of due diligence. We found the Brightpearl team very professional and they certainly took the time to conduct several demonstrations and to answer all of our questions. They exceeded by far what one might expect in discovery without a fee, especially for a relatively inexpensive platform.

In my opinion, Brightpearl is almost Enterprise class, and at a fraction of the cost. Also, for extensive discovery, one might expect to engage for these services at a fee. I doubt even Mr. Abbabbitt likes to work for free. The Brightpearl team exceeded expectations in this regard.

Although we did not find Brightpearl to be a fit for our global import / distribution company / ecommerce operation, I do think Brightpearl is a top contender, if not the #1 value, especially for entry level to mid-market sized operations. It is incredibly feature rich and the integrations (if you are not familiar integrations = big $$$) are incredible. We run Netsuite with SuiteCommerce, which is easily a $50K implementation, plus $100K/yr... and it only does a FEW more things, which happen to be critical to our global operation, but compare the cost there Abba! I would have been thrilled to implement BP for maybe 5-10% of the cost of Netsuite. Plus Brightpearl is simple enough to run without a team of Netsuite consultants at $200/hr. and Gold support alone for Netsuite equals the cost of Brightpearl.

Disclaimer not required, I have no financial interest in Brightpearl and I'm not a paid blogger. I have however reviewed easily 50 solutions looking for the holy grail in ecommerce for a multi-market + accounting, +++. It's either $100K+, or a commissioned based hosted solution, or Brightpearl. Consider that accounting is part of Brightpearl, not a clumsy 3rd party sync (a real pain) to something like Quickbooks, BP is a no-brainer!. BP overall is much much less $$$ for a VERY capable solution.

As for the holy grail, it doesn't exist! Know your mission, decide if there are critical deal breakers, find a solution that works for your operation and budget. Don't expect something for nothing. In general I'd say that Brightpearl is very capable, very feature rich, and the best bang for the buck. If you really want to know, for $99 a month, buy it and try it! It's cheap money to conduct your own due diligence. If you can't figure it out yourself, then pay for a few hours of consulting and do a clean install. Having done several ERP implementations, including SAP and Netsuite, you will pay, one way of the other, either for in-house or outsourced implementation. Most efficient is likely going to be a professional. A few grand for Brightpearl implementation experts is probably a bargain. Be aware of TINSTAAFFL... "there is no such thing as a free lunch"!

OK, that was 5 cents worth. Happy selling!
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Re: Don't bother
20 Jan 2016

Brightpearl, I hope your policy of identifying and retaliating against people who leave less than stellar reviews has since changed. I remember reading the sneering comment you left and made it a point to avoid your company after reading it and others you left. It did far more damage to your reputation in my eyes than the negative review you received.

Extremely unprofessional.

I'm also unimpressed with the high set up costs. It's the tactic of a company that doesn't expect to hang onto it's customers for very long.
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