The Best Investment I Have EVER Made For Our Business

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The Best Investment I Have EVER Made For Our Business
21 Jan 2014
We've been looking for a multichannel fulfilment/order processing/stock management system for our business for a while now. We tried several other platforms including Linnworks (downloadable software based system) and a few other online systems.

All of which were hard to set up and to be honest this made things a nightmare from the start!

Who has time to learn how to use a new system these days that doesn't just work "out of the box"? Well we definitely didn't and quickly let those free trials expire without further thought.

We received a promo leaflet through the post from Channel Grabber. It was colourful and graphically pleasing which suggested to me straight away that their user interface is most likely going to be friendly and easy on the eye.

After looking on their website and deciding that this system would PROBABLY be the one for us I looked for a free trial, as seems standard with most of these types of offerings. There wasn't one. So I decided to bite the bullet anyway as based on first impressions I couldn't fault what I saw and ordered the £120 package there and then.

I received a welcome call within minutes and was quickly set up to receive some training the next afternoon. Apart from a few little things to show me around the user interface it was pretty much self explanatory.

We had all our stock synced and webshops (Shopify, eBay, Amazon and all set up by the next working day and our orders started syncing with Channel Grabber.

We created a custom invoice template for printing out all our orders in bulk and have never looked back!

This could quite possibly be one of the BEST investments/purchases I have made for our business.

It’s reduced our workflow immensely and means all our orders look and handle the same no matter which channel they came in from. Everything works seamlessly and the number of software packages this stuff integrates with is amazing.

We have already recommended two local businesses to try this out and no doubt will do many more.

We now have more time to focus on the important aspects of our business and can pay our staff to do more important jobs rather than the mundane order processing which would waste so much time in the past!

If you’re looking for an online multichannel order management system and can’t make up your mind which one to get - get Channel Grabber.

Thanks from all at Infinity Pro
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