This is the Best Listing Program I have used for eBay by Far. Very Very Very Happy

A review of Seller Sourcebook by keithharrierorg
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This is the Best Listing Program I have used for eBay by Far. Very Very Very Happy
27 Feb 2014
The Seller Source Book ( is the best listing program i have used to list on eBay by far. I am very happy with every aspect of it.

Their customer service is the best i have ever seen. When I signed up, I needed a custom template installed on a Sunday, and they installed it for me in around an hour, ready for me to use. Every time i ever email a question, they have always responded within minutes (every other company's listing program i have ever tried takes forever to respond, and I have tried inkFrog, Auctiva, Vendio, SixBit, and many others So the Seller Source Book is the best customer service i have seen)

The Seller Source Book program is so easy to use and fast for listing. I can easily have it set up with my profiles for policies filled out so that when i need to list i simply add title and description for that particular item and then launch. If i am listing multiple RC car bodies, i simply launch one then go to my launched listings and then pick the sell similar option. From there all i have to do is change a few words in the title and description area, then hit the launch button and change the a few words on the launch page that reflects my new product, then launch. Its so quick and easy. I can list multiple items this way in about 3 minutes a piece or less.

The photo gallery choices are great. I have many different ones i can choose from (13 to be exact). And i can change them so easy. I just click on a button and i see all my choices and choose the one i want. I can change this at any time during listing or even after it is launcched and do a revision.

Its also easy to revise active items launched to ebay from the Seller Source Book. And it does it instantly to ebay.

The other great thing is i can use it to launch driectly to ebay or i can use it to make my listings and then copy the html code by simply clicking a button so i can paste it into ebay editor or wherever i want.

I can also just save a listing i am working on , whether i want to finish it later or if i want to save it for further revision down the line if i was pasting the html code into ebay. And the best thing is it really auto saves as you are working on a listing. Great for if you have an internet or computer problem so that you dont lose all your work. Which happend to me the other night when my internet went out for a minute.

I recommend the Seller Source Book to everyone who is looking for a great listing program. You will be glad you did.

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