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Outstanding Solution
2 Mar 2014
We have been using eSellerPro for a year now and are extremely impressed. It has helped us to automate and streamline many areas of our business, particularly the ability to list products and sync quantities over multiple channels, in our case Amazon, eBay and a stand alone website. There are many other areas where the software has helped us to increase efficiency. Also, the fact that it is a cloud based software allows any team member to work in any location, simultaneously in real time, which for us is a huge benefit.

I checked out many multi-channel inventory solutions, and each comes with its own mixed bag of benefits and drawbacks. There is no perfect solution. But eSellerPro seems to have a very deep grasp of the e-commerce world, and takes it all very seriously. The customer service may have been lacking in the past, but I can say that from my experience they have revamped their technical support and any tickets that we open for any issues are answered and resolved usually same day, if not in a matter of hours.

I believe some of the grievances on this site are with the set up process. Setting up the software is a bit of a daunting task. What do you expect? It's taking multiple channels and which have different styles and features, and varying business needs and products types etc. and puts them all together into one interface. It's an extremely complicated task and how they have managed to do it is nothing short of miraculous. It's an extremely impressive system. So setting up and learning how to use eSellerPro takes time, patience and dedication. There is huge amount of hours and work necessary to get up and running, because you are also transferring from your old system into a new system. There will be costs to transferring, but the payoff is huge. And they provide exceptional training programs and guidance. Sometimes we've had to be a bit pushy in the beginning to get our implementation finished, but pushiness is part of doing business, and these guys are busy so you need to make sure you get their attention.

At the end of the day we haven't even taken advantage of many features eSP has to offer, and still we are benefiting immensely. I feel confident that we will use the software hopefully for many years to come, and they are constantly updating and improving the system. It seems that the people working at eSP are specialists with vast experience and are passionate about ecommerce.

One thing I would not suggest is using eSP if you cannot function on UK time zone, at least half the day. I think its very important to be able to communicate with eSP support and account managers during their opening business hours, and they are in the UK, particularly during implementation phase. We were on Skype with our implementer many hours during the day, and training sessions are on UK time. Probably better to stick with a US solution like Channel Advisor until eSP sets up an office in the US, unless you fancy working in the middle of the night.

It's not cheap, but for us was a great investment that is already paying off and hopefully will pay off a lot more as we grow our business.
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