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Mass Emailing
23 Apr 2006
Hi Guys..Is there anything out there that would allow me to compose an email message and send it to all of my existing buyers?
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Re: Mass Emailing
23 Apr 2006
Hi Jeffrey,

There are several services around for running a newsletter like Constant Contact, and eBay-specific services like MyStoreCredit (soon to be relaunched), and AuctionContact.

Those services are all based around the idea of building up an email list from scratch by asking buyers to opt in when they buy, whereas I think you want to email your past buyers.

There was a program that would extract email addresses from PayPal and send emails to those buyers, but I don't think it's around anymore. You could do this quite easily yourself by downloading your PayPal history, and manually sending an email to all the addresses. Don't forget to send the email bcc, and check that you are not falling foul of anti-spam laws.
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