Perfect for beginners but lacks some things that would be convenient

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Perfect for beginners but lacks some things that would be convenient
2 Apr 2014
Looking for a replacement for Blackthorne I've been trying to find a simple replacement. As part of the that process, I've been trying out some various tools of which Listomax is one of them.

First, whoever wrote the previous review that said it was expensive is not living in the same world. This is pretty inexpensive. TurboLister is free, true, but is slow and not very intuitive.
Listomax would be great for the majority of eBay sellers. If you are a seller that has a large inventory, this tool may not be for you.

1. Ease of use. The software practically holds your hand to create a listing (you can turn this off). Much better than any software I've tried. If you are just starting out using listing tools (besides eBay's), this is a great start.

2. Lots of built in templates. There are enough built in templates to satisfy your needs. Most are pretty basic but look pretty good. There is the capability to create your own templates if you are proficient in HTML.

3. Photo hosting and basic photo editing- not as a big a deal anymore but it is there, free. The gallery photo is hosted on eBay per eBay requirements. The photo editing is a nice add.

4. Other stuff - multiple ebay id support, free listing schedule, not web based (can be an advantage), can be networked for multi-user use.

I had questions and listomax responded in less than 24 hours via email.


Shipping is somewhat limited. EBay supports several regions for flat rate shipping. Listomax only has Domestic, and international (Blackthorne has a dozen or so options). Calculated shipping is an option. Additionally, there are no pre-sets you can create for shipping. You have to create shipping options for each listing. This is a big negative if you have 1500 items where they share identical shipping profiles.

Database is not open. For the more technically minded, it is nice to be able to connect into the database to add on tools or to query data. I have done this in Blackthorne (and ShipWorks) and find it very helpful.

Generally speaking, I was impressed. I wish I had known about this 7 years ago when I first started heavy selling on eBay. I would recommend this tool for people whose needs are not as extensive as mine.
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