ChannelAdvisor ~ Legal Sharks not just a marketing company

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ChannelAdvisor ~ Legal Sharks not just a marketing company
9 May 2014
Channel Advisor Paid Search Tech outdated

After recruiting the services of Channel Advisor to make managing our Paid Search easier. It quickly became apparent that it did quite the opposite. After falling victim to push selling techniques adopted by the sales team, unfortunately we were talked into signing the contract. We soon discovered that the simplicity of the system was going to be incompatible with our current system infrastructure and was going to require laborious manual processing of all data files. Time of which, we do not have. Instigating discussions with the company, requesting a delay to allow us to update our technology fell on deaf ears. Under legal contract no leeway or temporary deferral was granted. Faced with this result and looking for the opportunity in the face of adversity we worked to find a positive way to move forward.
With the implementation of Googles new Trademark policy our already faltering campaign came to a complete standstill. With manual processes and the absence of trademark consent, Channel Advisors platform became stagnant despite receiving invoices every month.
With a growing number of broken links and an inability to use the brand names of which we had initially been sold this service, we started receiving warning by Google that links would terminate an already successful Adwords account due to CA broken links. The secondary nail in the coffin to Channel Advisors service was due to Google making the same technology available with a simple click within your Adwords account.

Their systems have now been outdated by a single swift move by Google Adwords. Please do your own research and create your own account, It only requires the simple click of a button and provides a greater range of support and reporting opportunities.
We have had termination and even a stay on our service aggressively more so arrogantly refused despite the fact that to continue with the service was never going to occur. We have not received a positive result or even click throughs from the Professional links apart from those received by the CA testing team. We are expected to wear a $10,000+ cost despite the service being ineffective and unmanageable.

Again product listing is a terrific idea and one worth consideration, the benefit will be far greater adopting Googles own technology and will save you stress and the most important factor in any business, Money that should be invested in to profitable business ventures.
Research Google Dynamic product listings, you wont be sorry.
Channel Advisor will provide you with a service. However, comfortably charge you at a premium cost where Google can provide the same service at a sensible pricing level.
Despite receiving positive support from the local branch here in Australia. The legal team based both in the US and the UK will make fair trade unattainable.
In essence by incorporating a Google Adwords account you can simply and efficiently list all of your products into Googles indexing engines and avoid using the cost ineffective Channel Advisor platform for Paid search assistance.
Hope this may help others.
Be wary before entering into an agreement with this company. As others have stated, make sure you write a termination clause into any contract you sign.
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