Do Not Use Channeladvisor For Premium Webstores

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Do Not Use Channeladvisor For Premium Webstores
1 Jun 2014
First, you can tell that these "stellar reviews" are the usual attempt at steamrolling real feedback and reviewers. Caveat emptor.

ChannelAdvisor's marketing team knows only one answer, "Yes." Whatever your question is, they will promise you that it can be done... until you pay them.

Then you find out from their technical department and engineers if your request is truly viable or not.

So you think you'd receive a refund, an apology and move on to another provider, but I assure you that once they have their hands on your money, you won't see it again.

Getting a written contract which specifically details the elements of the proposed site is not going to protect you. During the kick-off call, within the first five minutes, I was told that CA doesn't have the technical capabilities to make it work.

I've been waiting for my money ever since. 7 months and running.

Best of luck to you all, but please learn from my mistake.

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Re: Do Not Use Channeladvisor For Premium Webstores
28 Oct 2014
@ecustomhitch I don't think that ChannelAdvisor has sold Premium Webstores in several years, so it may be difficult to purchase something that hasn't been available to be sold. Unless you are making a comment on a product that you purchased in the past that has been discontinued...
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