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Best available at this time
25 Jun 2014
SixBit's eBay management system is the best of what is available at this time, which is why I gave it 4 stars. We were forced to convert to SixBit due to Blackthorne being discontinued in September 2014. Since we had a lot of custom written software integrated with Blackthorne, this has been a difficult process to find a replacement. We first tried SixBit last year and could not get it installed, even with their assistance. This time, on a fresh computer, we were able to get it installed with some help from their technical support. It is still disappointing to me that it did not work right out of the box.

The good stuff: Relatively affordable, perhaps a bargain if you use more of the features than I do. It is much faster than Blackthorne. The interface and database are very snappy. Categories are hierarchical and only pulls in when you use, not the massive category update we had with Blackthorne. The grid highlights when stock listed is greater than stock available are a nice touch - makes it easy to spot understocked items. The various statuses available for listings, with quick views, are very helpful time savers. The listing process itself is quite fast and you can look at individual listings and get some sense of how it performs.

The bad stuff: There is quite a bit of bad. Nothing that you cannot work around, but I hate having to work around it. First, the software has annoying habit of dropping the assigned wrapper (think templates in other listing software) and shipping preset when listing a new item. At first I thought this was me but I ran into it several times when listing which has caused me to check new listings almost every time. This is not happening when running an existing listing. They have somewhat complicated inventory procedures to add or adjust inventory. I am still exploring this but all the added functionality is of little benefit to me and I suspect quite a few people. If you are running a professional shop, you have to have inventory in your accounting system and using the recommended way (with some shortcuts) in SixBit creates duplicate work. They have integrated shipping but only for eBay. It is only for one marketplace, why bother? You still have to use something else for Amazon, New Egg, Website, etc. One addtional thing is that I have not been able to use embed code from YouTube (old or now) where it would work correctly with SixBit.

That's enough for now. I have had it for about one month at this point and will likely add to this review as I find new features and gotchas.
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