Bad service, Do not sign up

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Bad service, Do not sign up
2 Jul 2014
Review into my experience with Channel Adviser
I am not too sure if they are charlatans’ or just plain incompetent whichever it is I would not recommend anyone going anywhere near these people.

I was contacted by their sales person at the end of February who did an excellent pitch and persuaded me to join up.
I was due to go away about a week after I agreed to sign up, and I said I did not want to commence until I got back. It was suggested that with some hard word on behalf of the company they could launch within a week, with this assurance I agreed to go ahead.
I signed the contract on the 12th of March. A few days later I was instructed to take part in a launch call on Monday the 17th of March.
I was given no further instructions.
I had my first launch call. You are expected to ring a number insert a code and you get put into a call group automatically.
It soon became clear that the group had no idea I was on the line, Nick who was in charge of the launch was complaining I had not done some work. The man in overall charge was complaining that he didn’t want to be there, and Terry who set me up with the contract said “If you don’t want to be here then go he won’t notice”. They started wondering where I was and complaining that I wasn’t there. I then made my presence known to them. It was a very short call as I was told I should have set up my account. This was a bit annoying as they could have sent the required form to me in the preceding week. I filled in the information that evening (Monday) and emailed to check that all was correct.
When I heard nothing by Wednesday I emailed again, and got a reply saying it looked ok the next day.
I then requested another launch call. I got a reply on the Friday saying that another launch call was set up for Monday. My call was set for 1300 and I called at 1255 eventually at about 1310 my call was answered. I understand people are late for appointments but I had wasted a week so was very annoyed that there was no one there to take my call.
On the 27th Nick contacted me asking me to upload my ebay site. I said no I couldn’t do it as I was off on holiday, and would do it when I returned.
When I agreed to sign up I understood that the cost was £600 a month, with a set up fee of £1000. I assumed this included vat because no mention of vat was made. All payments were to be taken on the 15th of the month. I was therefore surprised to log in to my online bank on the 2nd of April and find that an attempt made been made to take £1664.52 . I didn’t have the money available in my current account because I was away on holiday and no payments were expected and it was declined
I then checked my emails to find another invoice for £720 for the 15Th of the month April.
Please bear in mind at this stage they have not published my site or done any work for me except take a couple of phone calls. From the time I left to go on holiday I received no request to upload my ebay site and there was no attempt to contact me.
I contacted my lawyer who told me to cancel the contract, as it was within the 30 days notice period.
I cancelled my contract on the on 10th April. I got no acknowledgment of my cancelling the contract. At this point I started receiving threatening emails demanding payment although no work had been published.
When I signed up was given the impression I would receive help 24/7 . It is an expensive service, you do not expect to get a call or email back a week later particularly when you are on a tight schedule.
I would not recommend this service to anyone.
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Re: Bad service, Do not sign up
28 Oct 2015
@cjpalcazar I'm considering using these guys for the managed service for Adwords. I have just had the hard sell for 3 weeks now.

Are they as bad as everyone says on here ?
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