Cooqy introduces an advanced misspelling scanner

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Cooqy introduces an advanced misspelling scanner
25 Apr 2006

April 25, 2006

Cooqy introduced an advanced misspelling/typo scanner today. The algorithm includes common keyboard typing mistakes, dropped characters, inverted characters, and phonetic misspellings.

Unlike many competing websites, Cooqy's algorithm allows a high level of control to optimize the algorithm's results.

The algorithm can skip the permutations of words in a search phrase by preceeding those words with an exclamation mark. For example, the search phrase 'collectible !boyds !bears' will find Boyds Bears where just the word 'collectible' may have been misspelled.

Standard eBay search options continue to work with the misspelling generator. For example, 'Ferrari -Ferrar -Ferraro' will return misspelled Ferrari automobile merchandise but will skip Ferrar and Ferraro designer clothes. This is helpful to weed out valid permutations being created by the algorithm.

Exact phrases can also be matched. For example, '"car cover" Ferrari -Ferrar -Ferraro' will return all misspelled Ferrari automobile items where the phrase 'car cover' appears as-is.

Cooqy is free and supports eBay USA, Canada, and UK

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