Our new joiners' biggest challenge is...

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Our new joiners' biggest challenge is...
4 Jul 2014
For a couple of weeks new joiners to Web Retailer have been asked a quick question:

What's your biggest challenge right now?

There's been nearly 50 answers, so I thought it was time to do some analysis and see if anything in particular comes out on top.

So here's the result! In my reckoning, 40% of the answers are related to marketing.

There was a wide range of answers which I think boil down to "marketing", from the literal to the slightly obscure. Here's a few of them:

  • bjsellsonline: Marketing
  • Tim: Finding new connections and buyers
  • BoogityBoogityBoo: Traffic & Conversions
  • shutterbugshea: Drawing people to my websites. Thank you!
  • dependableha: Bringing customers to my store without spamming on twitter

  • I think one of the hardest things about marketing is just figuring out where to start and, when you do, how to know if you've taken the right path or if it's time to try something else. There's so many options (social, email, PPC, shopping comparison, SEO, up/cross-selling, content marketing) it's really bewildering.

    And there were a couple of members who interpreted the question more broadly then I intended! Here they are:

  • Giving birth
  • Finishing my kitchen renovation

  • By the way, if you would like to answer the question you can do that from your settings page. You can add a forum signature, social links and a personal bio there now too.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

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    Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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    Re: Our new joiners' biggest challenge is...
    10 Jul 2014
    Andy, great subject. Certainly seems like marketing is the number one question.

    I would like to ask everybody which "marketing" tip, strategy or piece of advice has recently helped get more traffic to your site or listing?
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    Re: Our new joiners' biggest challenge is...
    10 Jul 2014
    That marketing answer isn't surprising at all. It can be a tough nut to crack, especially when new online sellers are working hard to build momentum.

    Another challenge that I see online sellers facing with some frequency is one that often doesn't get noticed until it's entirely too late.

    Online sellers often realize, once they've grown their businesses quite a bit, that the systems they've put in place don't really work for them anymore. Sometimes, this can be a huge problem, as coming up with new ways of doing things can be way tougher than one might think.

    Perhaps one of the best pieces of advice I can think to impart on new sellers is to try and make sure they're developing systems that can be scaled and can grow along with their businesses.
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    Re: Our new joiners' biggest challenge is...
    11 Jul 2014
    Great topic Andy

    I totally agree with the comments about marketing and scaling as well.

    I have found linkedin to be particularly useful for me as a China Supplier, it allows people to see me, my background and my experience and builds a bit more trust immediately.

    For many China Suppliers marketing and Differentiation is something not done entirely well - aside from Linkedin and our basic websites I recently found that the personal referral has been working really well for us as well, we do what we do well and Im no shy to ask for leads or connections from that success.

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