Join Us - Qualifying Vendors Get $50 for Signing Up

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Join Us - Qualifying Vendors Get $50 for Signing Up
7 Jul 2014
Hi Everyone!

We are building a revolutionary new marketplace designed to facilitate bulk sales directly to consumers. Through our platform, we assemble groups of committed buyers who have all agreed to buy a certain item at a specific price. We then connect those groups with vendors who have the inventory to fulfill the order. We also have a more traditional vendor driven element.

We are looking for North American vendors (large and small) who service the US and are interested in learning more about this marketplace. You can read more about what we are doing at our vendor page.

We know your time is valuable, so we're running a limited campaign to encourage vendors to sign up with us. Please PM me if you are interested.

We bring bulk orders from groups of ready buyers to our vendor partners.
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