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Re: Ask The Expert: Importing from China
18 Jul 2014
If any more questions come in I will get to them for sure, but I wanted to take this chance as we come to a close to thank everyone that has posted really interesting questions, I appreciate the time you guys put in and I found this both challenging and rewarding.

I hope there is some info of use to people out there. I am sorry that I was not able to provide direct recommendations and endorsements of particular companies, but I really wanted to focus on providing general advice and some ideas that may be of use no matter what stage of development you are at with China.

I definitely don't feel as if I am in a position of knowing it all, not to any extent, there will likely be far more knowledgeable people within this forum - my perspective and understanding changes a lot every time I visit China and the cliche of it being all about relationships holds true, my business partners these days I consider as family to me, but also the myriad of relationships that sit behind a simple online sale always astound me. I sit back and think about it sometimes and the amount of work that goes into moving one single unit from the supplier in China, all the way to one of my customers in NZ, AU, USA or where-ever else sometimes seems unbelievable - but it happens every day.

Many thanks and all the best
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Re: Ask The Expert: Importing from China - ENDED
18 Jul 2014
The Q&A is now closed!

I want to say a huge thank you to Tim from me and the Web Retailer community. Tim's answers have been amazingly quick, detailed, thoughtful and helpful throughout and I know everybody really appreciates him putting so much effort into it.

Replies are now closed but you can still show your appreciation by hitting the blue Like button under any posts that you, well... like! Don't worry about spamming Tim or other posters by hitting the Like button on more than one post - the notifications have a limit built in, and you can opt-out of notifications anyway.

Still have questions? For any more questions on importing from China (or anything else related to selling online) start a new discussion in the forum. I'm sure Tim will do his best to come by and answer, but anyone who can help is very welcome to dive in - please don't direct new questions only to Tim!

If you do want to get in touch with Tim, his website is 360 Degree Supply Chain and you can send him a PM via his profile on Web Retailer.

I'm really delighted with how this Q&A has worked out, and I'd love to organise another for you! If you have any feedback on it, or suggestions for another "Ask the Expert" event, please send me a PM.

Bye for now,

Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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