ebay research help needed

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ebay research help needed
29 Apr 2006

Nice to meet you. I am currently working on my eBay dissertation, I am gonner examine buyer and seller behavior on eBay UK through analysis last bidding, winner's curse and buyer feedback. I am facing problem of collect data of later bidding, and positive and negative feedback. If i will collect manually, that will cost lots of time.

Could you please advice?
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Re: ebay research help needed
29 Apr 2006
Hi, your dissertation sounds very interesting... I would love to see it when it's finished.

Here are some sources of information that you may find useful, although they will not provide you with raw data:

Google Scholar Search for eBay - many academic papers have been written on topics like yours

Nortica top 500 eBay members based on feedback etc.

Last Minute Bidding Statistics includes the programming code on how the data was collected

Although eBay's market data scheme includes bidding information, I doubt that any of the subscribing companies (e.g. Terapeak, DeepAnalysis) will make use of it, as it isn't that useful to sellers.

The option that leaves you with is getting a programmer to "scrape" eBay to obtain the data you want. This is the same technique used by sniping programs and unlicensed market analysis software, but it is frowned upon by eBay. Perhaps your college's computer science department could help you if you decide to go down that route?
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Re: ebay research help needed
28 Jul 2006
Excellent Links!! Thank you!

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