All in one - not perfect but pretty damn close!

A review of Brightpearl by The Ramp People
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The Ramp People
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All in one - not perfect but pretty damn close!
29 Jul 2014
eBay/amazon listing software, accounts package, inventory control, CRM, order processing and reporting software - all cloud based - all in one. Brightpearl does this. It is the only game in ton - no-one else does anything like it at a reasonable price point - using separate and either badly connected or non connected pieces of software to do all of the above is very inefficient! Used correctly this software will enable your employees to be more efficient and productive.

Pros: Very powerful software - leagues ahead of anything else I have seen. Support is excellent - pricing is transparent. Some excellent new features in development.

Cons: No multi-currency yet.....but it is promised soon. Not a major show stopper as there is a work around. It takes over 40 seconds to navigate through the phone options to get to the telephone support option - a dedicated number is required. Also the CRM could be improved - not quite in the same league as Capsule or other dedicated CRM. It would be fantastic if you could set reminders to email you at a set day or time.......
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Re: All in one - not perfect but pretty damn close!
30 Jul 2014
Thanks for posting a review, and welcome to the community

I never knew there were so many kinds of ramps...
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