This service is saving me at least $2000 per month!

A review of Globegistics by Jax Music Supply
Max Meadows, VA United States
Jax Music Supply
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This service is saving me at least $2000 per month!
30 Jul 2014
I LOVE this service. 40% of my business is outside of the US. Even though most of our items we sell are small and ship First Class International (relatively low value), shipping costs were eating us alive. It saves big money AND you get great service. Their process integrates with ShipWorks and ShipStation (I've been trying ShipStation for certain issues). It does require Endicia Professional, which is a bit more expensive than regular Endicia but the costs are more than offset by the savings. The folks at Globegistics walked me through set up and a brief training session on the phone, and then off you go.

They arranged for shipping to their facility (I use FedEx but I think they do UPS also) and pay for it to boot. The way it works is you ship using your normal process and then batch ship the Globegistics items to be sent to their mail processing facility. This adds about 30 minutes week for me. For items that I normally would use First Class Mail International Package Service, Globegistics uses International Priority Airmail. Generally, I've found this to be a bit faster than regular USPS service - especially to Europe and Canada. I would also so I've had less issue with lost items but I don't have a true measure on this. If you ship a lot of international from the U.S. you owe it to yourself to check out this service.
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