VAT for ebay returns

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VAT for ebay returns
1 Aug 2014
As eBay are now pushing their automated (no questions asked) returns service, who does get a VAT invoice for the cost of the return ?

We have had a couple of returns in the last month or two (not as described but they were, another topic I think), but can find no record of these on our ebay invoice.

It has been stated elsewhere that as Royal Mail are providing the service they should provide the invoice.

Anybody got any ideas ?
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Re: VAT for ebay returns
5 Aug 2014
According to the original UK managed returns FAQ:

eBay wrote:

If you’re liable for the return label postage costs, then the label costs will be added to your monthly invoice.
It says the same on the Using eBay managed returns page:

eBay wrote:

When you're responsible for return postage charges, these charges will be included on your next monthly seller invoice as a fee.
If it's not on your invoice maybe something went wrong, and you haven't been charged?

I'm just going from the eBay docs here, so the reality may be different! Are other sellers using managed returns seeing return costs (for not as described) on their eBay invoice?
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Re: VAT for ebay returns
6 Aug 2014
Hey Guys,

Yea like Andy said this is being managed internally by eBay so it should be appearing through you dashboard on there.

If it isn't showing then maybe one to contact eBay about. They are still rolling this out to all sellers so not beyond the realms of possibility that something may have gone wrong

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