eComDash.... Finally what I have been looking for!

A review of Ecomdash by vgtradernj
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eComDash.... Finally what I have been looking for!
3 Aug 2014
We have been using Ecomdash since September 2013 and have been extremely happy with the customer service and rate of new/updated features.

I spent about a year trying to find a service that would allow us to sell in our retail store, Amazon, eBay and our own website and sync inventory across all platforms. Each time I thought I found a provider that could meet those needs there was a problem. Either the price was unjustifiably high or there was just one feature they didn't provide that I needed.

Then I found eComDash. Since the start the entire team has been extremely supportive and very responsive. They are quick to fix any issues and are happy to discuss new features that I have requested... many of which have already been implemented or are in the works.

When I first started with eComDash I was only selling in our retail store and Amazon. Now I have added eBay and to the mix and will be adding our Website shortly. Within 2 months after starting with eComDash, our eBay sales increased over $5,000 per month.

eComDash has been a welcome addition to our business. If you are looking for a way to sync inventory between multiple platforms, check them out.
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Re: eComDash.... Finally what I have been looking for!
15 Dec 2014
I looked over Ecomdash and it seems that it's mainly focused on tracking inventory and fulfillment, rather than on smoothly listing onto multiple channels. That feature seemed like an afterthought.

What's you're experience with ease of listing? I tried one software that required me to copy and paste to multiple spreadsheets to list items on other platforms. I have enough spreadsheets in my life without paying for the privilege to work on them.
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Re: eComDash.... Finally what I have been looking for!
13 Jan 2015
The one main drawback I see from Ecomdash is its not intigrated with Quickbooks or other
accounting software. From what I hear, it could be integrated by 3rd QTR of 2015.

Still undecided on who to use. A nice and easy listing software that is multi-channel capable
would be ideal for me.
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Re: eComDash.... Finally what I have been looking for!
13 Jan 2015
I've narrowed it down to StitchLabs and SureDone. Stitchlabs is cheaper, has a nicer UI and seems to work really well. Really easy to link existing eBay, Amazon and BigCommerce listings (had it all up in about 15 minutes! However, it has no listing facility at all, so you're still stuck doing the listing. Rumors are that Ebay may be online by the end of the year, but Amazon is a very distant hope.
They will make their API available this quarter, so you'll be able to do custom integrations if you have a store POS, as I do. They also integrate with Vend, if you want to use that as your store POS.

Besides no listing, the other major drawback was reporting: falls far short of what I need for analysis (looks like it was designed by someone who didn't know anything about running a retail business). However, they are working on this and I'll try to end-run it by downloading sales into RMS POS, which is my store POS and has excellent reporting and analysis tools. Again, that will be a custom development.

I also like Suredone. Not as familiar with it as Stitch, but it seems to have good listing ability in a not-so-pretty UI. It also costs much more than Stitchlabs ($200 v $300 for multiple warehouses) and is not yet compatible with BigCommerce (that's coming soon). Their API is already open.

Ecommdash was out for me because I don't think it's partnered with BigCommerce (could be wrong) and their API is not open, which makes it impossible to link my offline store.

Hope this is helpful!
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Re: eComDash.... Finally what I have been looking for!
21 Jan 2015

Good info and comparisons between Ecomdash, SureDone & StitchLabs. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge! I'm glad you gave ecomdash a "look over" and had us on your short list of potential inventory, sales order, shipping and listing software providers. You're right, we are pretty focused on the inventory-related components of our offering and making that piece of our software very robust for more complex inventory needs and ease of data transfer between multiple suppliers, warehouses, vendors, fulfillment centers, other partners and sales channels.

I did want to clarify a couple of things for others who may be evaluating ecomdash as an option...

  • Ecomdash does have a listing feature and list-for-sale functionality (it's StitchLabs that doesn't have a listing feature). Since we first released the eBay and Amazon listing functionality in the spring of 2014, it's really come a long way with continued enhancements and new features. By July 2015 "ecomlister" will be available for all marketplaces and e-website platforms we are currently integrated with. We're pretty excited to roll that out this year. Again, you're right though...if "listing" is the most important aspect of what you're looking for - or the only function you need, then we may not be a fit. Ecomlister "comes with" ecomdash as a free add-on today. We intended it to be a "more bang for your buck" scenario for sellers who may be adding product on a regular basis or want to quickly test out selling on a new channel.
  • Ecomdash is fully integrated with Bigcommerce.
  • Ecomdash is integrated with Vend POS and Shopify POS. Plus, any other POS system that has the capability of automation from its end, can be automated using our FTP auto-sync capabilities - also a free add-on.
  • Just want to clarify for other readers/viewers...when Invworld writes about the reporting features being a "major drawback, falls short, and designed by an [amateur]", Invworld is talking about Stitchlabs, not ecomdash's reporting tools and reporting assistance.
  • That's correct, we do not currently have an open API for all to use today. We do have an automated FTP solution for any system that wants/needs to share data back and forth with ecomdash.

  • Great, smart comments here from everyone - thanks again for sharing your experience. We are always looking to our customers for ways to improve, enhance and innovate to make your lives a little easier and better each day. We love to hear from you - wish lists encouraged - drop us a note.

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