How pinkcatshop Got Ahead in Giftware

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How pinkcatshop Got Ahead in Giftware
4 Aug 2014
We started in 2006, but by 2009 it was clear we needed something to manage all the other places where we wanted to put our products. When it comes to online selling, you have to be able to manage the two key marketplaces, eBay and Amazon. It’s where all online shopping gravitates to and I don’t see that situation changing. People may window-shop on your website but then they might buy on Amazon for example. In the beginning we were quite green and went with a local outfit. They weren’t up to it and in fact later went into liquidation. We went to a trade show for ecommerce, met a lot of eSellerPro competitors and initially were quite close to signing with someone else. eSellerPro were conspicuous by their absence, and we thought they were like a secret society that only those ‘in the know’ were allowed to join!”

We rely on eSellerPro entirely. Over the years we have grown to utterly embrace it. I like the way it has developed and continues to develop. It is a vast thing, an incredible piece of software that seems always to be pulling in new elements and new platforms. We only contact support when we have to, and we’re able to schedule phone conversations to clear things up rather than having to type and explain via chat. That helps us to keep moving forwards quickly.

We’re all about finding different stuff, new stuff, being first out of the gate with it and providing the best possible customer service we can. eSellerPro helps us accelerate getting it out there and dealing with our customers efficiently.

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