Small business accounting solutions

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Small business accounting solutions
5 Aug 2014
I received such great advice for my last forum question which put me on the right track that I would love advice on the best way to keep accounting records for a small business. I am just starting out with my e-commerce business and at this stage I just want to keep track of my stock etc purchases and sales.

Have had a look at some free software and used some trial software but to be honest it was all very complicated to use.

Is there any user friendly software suitable for someone who is useless at anything involving numbers!!

Thank you in advance
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Re: Small business accounting solutions
5 Aug 2014
Hi again, I'm glad it worked out well for you last time

Before we get into this it's worth reading through this discussion that came up recently. It's quite specific to eBay (and marketplace selling generally), but might be useful background.

Integration with your existing tools is important for accounting, as you want to avoid rekeying if you can.

Where will you be selling, is it just through your own site? What store system are you using, and what are you using to take payments? Is the plan still for around 6 orders a day, to the UK only? Are you likely to be using any tools for inventory or order management?

Sorry for all the questions! Your answers will really help.
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Re: Small business accounting solutions
5 Aug 2014
You will need a full featured accounting system due to the inventory needs. Pretty much Sage and Quickbooks are the only options.
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Re: Small business accounting solutions
6 Aug 2014
Have you considered looking into Brightpearl ?
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