Amazing multi-channel software that keeps getting better

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Amazing multi-channel software that keeps getting better
12 Aug 2014
StoreFeeder is a brilliant solution for multi-channel resellers looking to improve efficiency, expand their business, and/or reduce costs.

In a little over 18 months Storefeeder has enabled my client to reduce their order processing costs by over 50% while at the same time radically improving their customer service, stock management and multi-channel listing processes. Implementing Storefeeder has been the best thing they ever did and has enabled the business to cope with expanding trade and product lines in an efficient and streamlined manner.

Before implementation I considered and trialled many systems including MOM, Linnworks, Intelligent Retail, Sanderson (Elucid), Khaos Control, Channel Grabber, Channel Advisor, and Brightpearl, amongst others. There is no perfect solution out there but for us Storefeeder was the stand out candidate.

The two mains strengths to Storefeeder is that it is completely process driven, and that unlike many of the others mentioned above it is easy and intuitive to use.

Storefeeder has excellent inventory management tools. It acts a central hub for all order processing from a wide variety of different channels. It uses a superb system of pick-waves for order processing that allow you to pick, pack and dispatch orders together in a batch based on a variety of criteria (shipping type, warehouse, etc).

Another stand-out feature is the product and listing management system which is by far the best I have seen, completely eliminating repetitive listing tasks and ensuring your product listings are consistent (or different, if you prefer) across all channels. It handles product attributes, component/kit products, and product varients with ease and elegance.

It is a very easy system to learn and use, but should you need them the support is excellent by both telephone and online ticket system. And the team at Storefeeder are very receptive to ideas for improvements. If there is a weakness then the lack of CRM could be considered that, but for us it wasn't important. The reporting tools are also a little blunt but you can get your data out which is the main thing.

Overall Storefeeder is a superb multi-channel e-commerce system and it is improving every week... the team are always adding new features and improvements which is great to see.

I highly recommend it!
Chris, Leytech Computer Solutions
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