A small team with a BIG PRODUCT & amazing PERSONAL SUPPORT.

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A small team with a BIG PRODUCT & amazing PERSONAL SUPPORT.
14 Aug 2014
These guys are a small team but they are brilliant at what they do, there are no receptionists, you go straight though to usually the same person who you will soon know by name. There is no stack it high sell it cheap mentality, no sales people who have never used the system, no share of your business turnover, this is a refreshing provider that constantly improves the product on a daily basis.

You can speak to anyone at Store Feeder and they will normally get you the answer you need within a few minutes or they will transfer you to a colleague who has slightly more knowledge in an area (everyone has their specialty). There is no lack of knowledge, the team know the system backwards, they normally understand the problem you are facing immediately and they will tell you how to resolve it or do it differently within a few minutes so you can get on with your day job.

If you really need to talk to a director or developer at store feeder you can, that is not to say that you should pester them, please don't, the rest of the team are excellent too, but the point is they are highly accessible if you need to talk to them about a problem or need to discuss a new feature.

I have tried other multi channel solutions before, all mentioned on this site, and you cannot even begin to compare them to the product or support of Store feeder, there is such a divide that it is impossible, the last provider i used was hopeless in comparison. I did not start my own business in online retail to become a full time IT technician, that is what happened when i used another well known provider, i spent more time on the phone to technical support than i did running my business, Store feeder have allowed me to get back to my day job, they have taken away most of my IT related problems.

Another massive plus with store feeder is that they actually use the system that they sell, they have a fulfillment arm to their business so they use the product every day, most if not all other suppliers have no hands on experience with how their system behaves in a real world environment, store feeder do, and the logic they use for their system is based on a real warehouse environment.

Don't bother reading any more reviews about multi channel software, just call store feeder, they will honestly take care of everything for you with a fully capable system, they will setup Royal Mail and other carriers for you, they will help you convert your data to be compatible, they even book appointments for a specific person to go through the setup of different parts of the system with you on a one to one basis.

I was massively worried about changing systems to the point i nearly didn't, but in the end store feeder ironed out most of the problems within hours, it was no where near as painful as i expected, these guys are pros at migrating people, it does not have to be difficult, you just have to choose the right supplier, i am so glad that i moved to store feeder.

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