Anyone interested in regularly posting news?

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Anyone interested in regularly posting news?
20 Aug 2014
Hi all, something I've never really done on this site is post general ecommerce/marketplaces news. Why? Because other sites like TameBay and EcommerceBytes do it, and they do a good job.

But I want to be led as much as possible by the members of the site, and if you want to talk about what's happening in the wider world of selling online then that's what you should do!

So, is there anyone out there who would like to step forward and start regularly posting news here in the forum for members to comment on? I think it's best if an active seller decides what ecommerce news is interesting or entertaining and worthy of discussion.

I think we are generally a positive bunch who are looking for ways to advance our businesses, rather than complain about marketplace changes, so if news does become a bigger part of the site I would like us all to continue in that spirit please.

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