Anyone have experience with sellercloud?

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Anyone have experience with sellercloud?
21 Aug 2014
Currently looking into purchasing SellerCloud software to integrate all sales channels. Does anyone have experience with them?

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Re: Anyone have experience with sellercloud?
1 Sep 2014

AVOID, AVOID, AVOID........ I tried SellerCloud for about 7 month, almost ruined my business. I had my sears account suspended for a month due to overselling, and eBay limited form 2 (TWO) month due to the negative feedbacks I got due to overselling. The one good thing about SC is ShipBridge, it works great.

1- Supper slow - the platform is extremely slow.
2- Overselling - I been with them for 7 month and have overselling on the daily basis.
3- Very unorganized - just take a look at their menus and compare them to channeadvisor, or any other platform.
4- Documentation is not comprehensive and dated.
5- Every bulk job you submit (import/export products, activate/deactivate/revise listings on marketplaces....) will take from 5 minutes to few hours (and occasionally days - happened handful of times).
6- The platform has a lots of functionality, but most don't work. When they tell you the platform can do this and that, they mean that there is a button and suppose to but it does not.

I highly discourage you from going with SC. There are many better alternatives. Here is a list of things I have tried:

1- M2EPro - you can install magento for free and get the M2Epro for free. This will connect magento, amazon, ebay, and rakuten. Supper easy to install, it cost you $0 (zero $$$$). If you have lots of inventory (over 2,000) invest in good magento host (currently using for my site).

2- ChannelAdvisor - very expensive, but worth every penny if you have large amount of inventory and sales. Easy to setup and use (I did the setup on my own in two days). If you go with CA, negotiate the lowest rate first and don't sign up, when they call you in about a week ask for free time.

3- StitchLabs - reasonable price and works fine.

I hope you find this helpful.

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Re: Anyone have experience with sellercloud?
5 Sep 2014
Full disclosure - I work for an inventory management tool, so I have not used SellerCloud personally. However, I'm happy to share some other software that we've heard of. In addition to what OnlineSeller22 said, I'm familiar with....

Sku Vault - I believe they started as a listing tool? They have built in additional functionality to cover most of your end-to-end ecommerce needs. They also integrate with Channel Advisor (another great one, but like previous poster said, it's pretty expensive).

Solid Commerce - We see them posting on the forums frequently. They offer a good deal of integrations.

Brightpearl- Haven't heard much about them...but that can be a good thing. We usually hear "horror stories" from sometimes it's good news when we haven't heard a lot of chatter!

ShipStation- They are a shipping management tool, but (word on the street) they are looking at building in more functionality. We hear really good things about them, and their customers LOVE them.

The company I work for (Ecomdash) is a multichannel inventory tool, with sales order management, shipping management and listing features built in. I'm not sure where you're selling currently, but we do integrate with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, ZenCart, 3dCart, and Endicia.

Test out everything before you make a decision. Do free trials and ask questions (a good way to see how fast their support team responds).

Best of luck to you! I hope you find something that fits.


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Re: Anyone have experience with sellercloud?
19 Sep 2014

I have been using SellerCloud and sorry but they have been good to me. The taught me how to set safety quantities to prevent overselling. The alerted me when my stock was running low. SellerCloud the speed is average but I can get on my own server if I wanted to pay for it. They have a dashboard that I was able to make the save searches so I did not have to keep looking for the information that I need. They have a wiki that has everything documented and lots of video tutorials. Bulk upload is in a que because I am on a shared server right now. I agree that the platform has lots of functionality they are enabled on a case by case basis you just have to ask.
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Re: Anyone have experience with sellercloud?
19 Sep 2014
@Scrubsmore @Onlineseller22 great information posted here, thanks.

We have a place to write reviews of SellerCloud and many other tools, if you could take a few minutes to do that it would be much appreciated.

Just click any of the dotted links.
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Re: Anyone have experience with sellercloud?
22 Sep 2014
I have been using SellerCloud for the last 2 years, and honestly have not had any issues with them at all.

Seller Cloud helped me grow my business above and beyond in many ways.
to highlight a few;

A) their shipping software is one of a kind, and is the most flexible I have seen, I can ship orders 4 times the speed as any other software I have used, and has many great features, including rate calculator, batch shipping, upc/item check, order lock - to avoid the same order shipping twice, and the list goes on.

B) the most comprehensive inventory system for multi channel e-commerce, ever since we started using sellercloud, we have eliminated all overselling, yes the system needs to be set up properly with safety nets etc, and you need to keep your inventory accurate, however once that is done, this system will maximize your sales and avoid overselling at the same time.

C) the easiest way to load listings for sales across all channels.

D) forecast purchasing in a flash

E) true cost analysis
F) their receiving software avoids receiving the wrong item or wrong quantity.

I have used many software including Channel Advisor, and I don't know how i ever managed my business before I had seller cloud.

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