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appchicken cheap product giveaway promo
28 Aug 2014
with Appeagle, you take the bad along with the good. Apparently the engineers there are not too worried if you sell stuff cheap. We have our account configured to win the buy box but many times the program will go overboard and sell an item for 20% - 1/5 of the next competitors price!

After using appeagle for awhile now, we noticed we were getting a lot of positive feedback: "Sold much cheaper than competitors" "Sold very affordable" "Extremely reasonable price" etc etc. If you want a lot of feedbacks bragging about overly cheap prices, appchicken might be for you. So it does have its uses if margins are not a big concern to you. Our profits surely don't concern appchicken. They don't even care enough to look into the problem. Your margins, their problem?

I've emailed Appeagle support so many times but we get an auto email response every time:

You have a global min and max of $___ and $____ on your profile

So that is their weasel clause. Just the fact that you set global min on your pricing means they can hit that low number with impunity. We are looking at another alternative to app chicken (which does not fly) and will leave.
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Re: appchicken cheap product giveaway promo
13 Aug 2015
@appchicken Did you find a better alternative? My company has been having the same issue.
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