New photo editor for online commerce - need beta testers

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New photo editor for online commerce - need beta testers
29 Aug 2014
Hi Everyone,

Want to try out a photo editor that makes it easy to edit lots of photos for auctions, online stores and blogs?

If so take a look at PhotoPrep.

Optimized for editing online commerce photos
PhotoPrep is the next generation of a product called Fast Photos that we have been selling for about 10 years. In the new product we kept the speed and simplicity of Fast Photos and added a completely new design that is optimized for editing lots of photos for online commerce.

Simple to learn, easy to use
Lets face it, there are lots of good photo editors out there. If you have climbed the learning curve for Photoshop or another powerful tool you might not need anything else.

However, there are times when you might need to do some quick edits, or you need to hand off the work to an assistant, or you get tired of doing the same repetitive steps with software that is not designed for the job.

Try the Beta
We are starting a public beta now and are looking for beta testers. It's pretty easy - you can be up and running in a few minutes.

Get it at the Pixby site:

Looking for feedback to help shape the product
We are doing the beta to get feedback that will help guide the future of the product - so your voice will be heard!

Hope you like it, the beta testers so far do!

Dave Allen
Founder, Pixby Software

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