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Repricer Solution
30 Aug 2014
Has anyone ad any success using Repricer Solutions on Amazon ?
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Re: Repricer Solution
31 Aug 2014
I currently use Appeagle. It definitely has increased sales for me - and buy box wins. However, I have not run the numbers to measure the difference yet. In the US, it is so competitive. I have about 1500 items on Amazon, some of which I do not use on App Eagle, and I get about 8000 (on a slow day) price revisions each day.
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Re: Repricer Solution
1 Sep 2014
There is Mean Repricer which comes free with Linnworks Standard or above packages or you can purchase it separately.

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Re: Repricer Solution
8 Sep 2014
@daytodayeBay I am obviously biased as the provider of a repricing solution, RepricerExpress, however, in terms of repricing working, we genuinely see sellers increasing their sales over time. More importantly, for anyone reading this post, we have many big sellers who have been using our repricing solutions for years—if repricing didn't work, they simply wouldn't be long-term customers.

Unfortunately, many sellers see repricing as a race to the bottom which is a shame as its ability to keep the seller in complete control of their inventory's prices is unquestionable—with some thought around your repricing rules, you can most certainly choose to sell when the conditions are right and when you can make a profit.
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Re: Repricer Solution
10 Sep 2014

daytodayeBay wrote:

Has anyone ad any success using Repricer Solutions on Amazon ?
As it has been said earlier in the thread, it can be very competitive, and repricing solutions at their most basic level, all to the same fundamental thing... Reprice.. There are then a few extra features on top of this that varies between companies, and in reality, it all comes down to personal preference. ie interface design, ease of use etc.

There are most definitely advantages to using a repricer and we have seen customers make fairly large improvements in their profitability(The sales vs. profitability discussion is a whole other beast). The key is to making sure (as RepricerExpress mentioned) , that you have everything set up correctly, as there are many occasions where the setup might be slightly off, and therefore the repricer can't perform at its best.

Although yes, i am similarly biased, in that we also provide repricing and feedback software, i do think that it is very beneficial to use repricing tools. You would most certainly see yourself winning the buy box more often

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Re: Repricer Solution
30 Sep 2014
While Solid Commerce is not a standalone repricing tool, we have one built-in, and are designed to help out with other aspects of the online selling process as well.

Our repricer is built-in, and it comes alongside a listing management tool, order management, a shipping tool, and much more. All designed to synchronize a seller's inventory across multiple marketplaces and shopping carts. You're more than welcome to reach out with a PM if you'd like a bit more information.
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Re: Repricer Solution
28 Mar 2018
The demand for repricers has increased a great deal in over ten years due to the extreme competition on Amazon. Even sellers with smaller inventory need to adjust their prices on a daily basis. Imagine doing that manually! So in regard to automation, repricers are valuable. And that is the least of it.

In its best sense a repricer can get you the best price at a given time. It boils down to setting your rules wisely. You will not be racing to the bottom because Alpha Repricer lets you price up or down according to the scenario. Strategic planning of your minimum and maximum prices is important. And at Alpha Repricer we have made this easy.

Yes, I am biased too; as we also offer Amazon repricing software.

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