The auction listing software you should have.

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The auction listing software you should have.
10 Sep 2014
I have been selling on eBay for almost 16 years. Anyone who sold back then knows how cumbersome it used to be. When John developed his first listing software, I snapped it up. I’ve been using it through every change and upgrade including now with SixBit. Why? It’s clear to me that he is a top notch developer who always has you and me in mind. SixBit covers all the bases necessary to list and handle post auction functions with the speed and efficiency you need. As important as that is, he also has a support team that is second to none. No canned answers or run around here. If you have a question, a highly trained and qualified human being will actually think through your specific issue and give you a quick, courteous and detailed response. Service is obviously a high priority. I’ve personally experienced it over the years.
If you’re self employed as I am, you know how important time allocation is. You also know that the listing process is only one component of your work. SixBit makes it possible for you to list quickly and handle repetitive processes so that you can get on with other aspects of your job.
Joe P.
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