Keep up the good work Suredone!

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Keep up the good work Suredone!
12 Sep 2014
I've been on SureDone for 2 years now. Before Suredone I was selling only used parts on ebay ( and had under 5k listings. With the help of Suredone I've been able to start selling aftermarket parts and now have over 100,000 listings and can manange ebay/website ( all by myself (not shipping). You can quickly and easily add a single item or if you are working with large files from suppliers you can add items in bulk in one upload. The interface is fully customizable and it's easy to add custom headers and categories. Editing products is extremely easy you can edit directly through the editor or you can do a large bulk export (say if you want to work on a certain brand with multiple skus) and re upload back into Suredone and the changes will flow directly to ebay/website. Photos are also very easy to work with and there is a tool to add original photos to parts that would otherwise take hours and hours. Suredone also makes shipping extremely easy as your fedex/UPS/USPS accounts are hooked up to it. You can one click print labels and at the same time tracking #'s are emailed to customers and ebay is updated so you don't have to worry about that. When customers email regarding issues about their order it's very easy to find their order and give them an update because everything is at your fingertips. It's a complete solution for listing and selling across multiple channels and there never seems to be any bugs and everything always works and is always in sync. I would highly recommend using Suredone - Channel Advisor has been on my tail for years to switch over but I can't imagine paying that much and would probably have to hire a whole tech department. Keep up the good work Suredone!

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