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18 Sep 2014
plenty markets has helped me refine my thinking about our e-commerce strategy and given me the tools to grow my business We are not a very technical company, however using plenty markets allowed us take advantage of eBay / Amazon and many other markets places. Our company were helped with at every step of the way and our launch manager was simply brilliant in taking care of any problems.
We will sell 1,000’s items through ebay / Amazon and other market places with little effort through a automated system, by using the plenty markets platform we can do this with little or no staff involvement in the sales or admin process. Plenty Markets has saved our business hiring at extra employees, so in terms of cost it has been well worth it as a business decision.
My business is doing well and growing. I have more free time to spend on things that MAKE money and the software, does the day to day mundane stuff. I’d say it’s well worth it.
Since we have launched we now sell on over many different markets across the world and our stock is managed from one central location.
I feel the great strength of plenty markets is that they are ahead of the competition, they are securing agreements with some of the largest marketplaces in the world and always looking for ways to bring their customers to new markets, so when we are planning for the future of our business, we do not need to worry about where to go next or how we can even start to go about selling in a certain market,
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