Cooqy announces Social Tagging for eBay shoppers

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Cooqy announces Social Tagging for eBay shoppers
7 May 2006
May 7, 2006

Today Cooqy released new Social Tagging functionality to the eBay shopping experience. Social Tagging augments eBay's Feedback system and allows registered Cooqy members to tag eBay Sellers and Items without fear of "Feedback Retaliation" from sellers.

Robert Yeager, Cooqy's founder stated, "eBay's Feedback system is flawed. eBay users typically have two as a buyer, one as a seller. An eBay Feedback rating is much more important when listing items for sale, so much so that buyers become afraid of leaving well-deserved negative feedback to sellers and risking their own feedback rating."

Cooqy's Social Tagging feature allows the eBay shopping community a way to organize and police eBay sellers without fear of reprisal to their eBay Feedback rating, which is of so much importance when listing items for sale on eBay.

Two types of tags can be created. The first is a Seller Tag. Seller Tags will apply to all items listed by that seller. Each Cooqy member can only create one Seller Tag per eBay seller ID.

The second type of tag is an Item Tag. Items Tags are applied to items based on the Item Title and the Category ID. Each Cooqy member can create an unlimited number of unique Item Tags, one per Item Title and Category ID combination. Item Tags "bubble up" and affect the Seller's Tag rating.

Item Tags can also include the Fair Price and Fair Shipping for items. With this feature, Cooqy members can enter what they feel are reasonable estimates of item prices and shipping costs. Cooqy will calculate and display the average values. If enough Cooqy members find this feature useful and enter enough data, Cooqy will be able to utilize this information with bargain-hunting search algorithms in the future.

Cooqy calculates a Tag Rating based on any entered tags for Sellers and Items. The Tag Rating is weighted, depending on the Tag Type. For example, a seller of counterfeit items is much more serious than a seller who packages items poorly.

Only Cooqy members can create tags. During the registration process members provide their eBay user ID to ensure that only eBay users are creating Cooqy Tags.

Mr. Yeager concluded, "Cooqy's new Social Tagging feature was born from personal experience where I recently purchased a counterfeit product on eBay. Another buyer of the same item left the seller a negative feedback, and the seller in return left the buyer a retaliatory negative feedback! I was powerless to leave the seller a negative feedback of my own, for I would have surely spoiled my perfect 6-year old feedback rating. Now all eBay shoppers can make their voices heard and help turn the tide of scams and counterfeit merchandise being sold every day on eBay."

Cooqy is free and supports eBay USA, Canada, and UK

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