Need Help Please, automatically Address Labels eBay & Amazon

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Need Help Please, automatically Address Labels eBay & Amazon
18 Sep 2014
Hi I've started a business on eBay and need help with automatically getting address labels from eBay and Amazon. I’m manually copying and pasting address at present and don’t use a E-Commence channel and want to know which platform is best to start with, which can help me start of in the right path? Any help and advice will be appreciated.
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Re: Need Help Please, automatically Address Labels eBay & Am
23 Sep 2014
Hi @ashkx,

I’m Jade from My Parcel Delivery.

As you are just getting started you will find that there are many options open to you if you Google it but I appreciate trying to decide which option is best for your business is not easy.

As an eBay seller, you can tap into our free eBay Shipping Tool that automatically downloads the delivery address once you link to your eBay seller’s account. It also downloads product details and dimensions and will store the information for future postage. This will save you having to complete the postage information every time, especially as your business develops and you start to send more parcels each month.

The tool not only automatically downloads your postage information, it gives you access to a range of courier services that you can book instantly.

Another way of getting around the address labels issue is by using courier companies don’t require you to print one off at all! This may be a service you find suits your business better. I’ve included a link to a handy, quick reference guide telling you about which couriers offer this service. You can print it off and pin it to the wall of your office!

If you find you are sending more than 10 parcels a week, you might want to look at a tool we've created - the Bulk Shipping Tool - which helps with sending multiple parcels.

Good luck with your business!
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Re: Need Help Please, automatically Address Labels eBay & Am
23 Sep 2014
@ashkx welcome and thanks for posting

If you are looking for a low-cost shipping tool for UK marketplaces take a look at One Stop Order Processing or Just Ship IT.

Or you could look at more full-featured marketplace management tool. These will help you print labels and also manage inventory, listing, marketing etc. The UK-based ones with good reviews and starting prices from £50 to £100 per month are SellerExpress, ChannelGrabber, Linnworks and StoreFeeder.

Hope that helps!
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Re: Need Help Please, automatically Address Labels eBay & Am
29 Sep 2014

I had a load of label (word )programs created (as I couldn't find anything) you can download the spreadsheets and run them off into a word doc.

I can sell you the full set - for £20 if you like, (you might have to work on them a bit)

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Re: Need Help Please, automatically Address Labels eBay & Am
30 Sep 2014

HI we use Trade box finance manager to down load in to sage line 50 which allows us to print delivery lines / labels directly but also manages the accounts function. It allow you to grow the business without having to worry about future changes you need to make.

it will support a wide number of platforms as you can see from there website it is very easy to set up and use. service back up is fantastic.

i would recommend it to anyone
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Re: Need Help Please, automatically Address Labels eBay & Am
14 Oct 2014

To be honest, if you are starting up it is best to use eBay and Amazon's printing invoice facility and use labels with Sticky top. There are plenty of labels in the market. Just search for eBay labels or Amazon labels.

Let me know how you get on.
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Re: Need Help Please, automatically Address Labels eBay & Am
21 Oct 2014
I use One Stop Order Processing to print my invoices onto Integrated Label paper. You can also get free invoice printing software from my Integrated labels company. Integrated label paper is great, the paper has a peel out label in it (or two labels if you often have different delivery and invoice addresses), so you print your invoice onto the paper, use the invoice to pack the parcel, then just peel off the label and put it onto the box. It saves a lot of time.

You can get a free sample of the paper and a trial of the software here :

then when you buy a box of paper you are sent a license to fully activate it. For some selling channels a bespoke invoice is provided to allow you to continue to print directly from the software onto the paper.
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