Amazon inventory tool for own branding

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Amazon inventory tool for own branding
22 Sep 2014
I want to sell hundreds (in the long run thousands) of products on Amazon (in Europe), and they are all from my own brand and are not available on Amazon as of yet.

I'm looking for a decent inventory program which will allow me to create and update the online inventory from within the program. I have tried out about a dozen programs, and practically all of them only work with existing products (while offering adjustable pricing tools, which I don't really need). Does anyone know of an affordable program which will allow me to do that?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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Re: Amazon inventory tool for own branding
30 Sep 2014
@pygmalion Solid Commerce can certainly help you out with that. We can list internationally, and there's no problem when it comes to creating your own listings. I'm pretty sure we'd be able to help you create new listings on international marketplaces. We'll help you manage your shipping, orders, and listings on other marketplaces alongside your Amazon listings, all in one place. You're more than welcome to reach out with a PM if you want me to put you in touch with a team member who can give you more information about our international capabilities.

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