Is there a Repricer for non-competitor listings?

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Is there a Repricer for non-competitor listings?
29 Sep 2014
Hi I'm an Amazon Retailer -

Apart from the odd incident I market and sell my own unique products which means I don't need a repricer tool that automatically undercuts the competition as I always win the buy box.

However I still think I am losing out.

I am interested if there is a product out there that will dynamically monitor my prices and increase/decrease them according to how many are available in stock and rate of sale?

So for example if a product is selling well and I have only a few left - I want to charge more.

Anyone any suggestions?

Many Regards
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Re: Is there a Repricer for non-competitor listings?
7 Oct 2014
Hi Simon

If you're not competing against anyone, which is what l think you have said in para 1, then l don't think you need repricing software.

However, it sounds like it would be worth trying split testing. You could increase the price of a popular product and see how that affects your profit and sales for a set period of time. Then you will be able to identify what price you can sell your product for to obtain the most profit.

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