Bulk Edit Your Etsy Listings In Under 5 Minutes

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Bulk Edit Your Etsy Listings In Under 5 Minutes
30 Sep 2014
There are not many apps that help us etsy sellers make changes to ALL of our listings at once - in fact there's not many tools that etsy provides sellers to do this. With etsy you can only bulk edit shipping profiles - With BETSI you can bulk edit your entire shop - OR just listings from certain sections - This tool is CRITICAL for shops with a large amount of items or shops needing to quickly add in pertinent information like "shipping costs to all listings" THIS tool allows you to do that.

Not only can you Betsi-Lite (the free version) to test drive the software - the developer works one on one in his free time helping etsy sellers succeed. You cannot beat this type of support for any software. I use this tool to also manage all my etsy tags and materials at once.
You can drag items out of one category and put them in another category very easily and quickly. You can also work 100% free of an etsy connection on your shop listings without sending the changes in until you are ready.

Think of it as vacation mode editing without putting your etsy shop on vacation.
It's a time saver for my larger feather supply shop on etsy - I wouldn't be able to effectively change my categories and move my items around if I had to continue and do them all manually. This Betsi software application literally took me from #226 within the handmade accessories category to #26 for handmade accessories.

I can now bulk edit all my etsy listings in just a few easy steps. I truly recommend this for all etsy sellers. The yearly subscription was such a great deal for my shop in 2012 I have not only renewed it for three years - I put it on all three of my etsy shops!
I love the software and I am pleased to have had the pleasure of getting to know the developer (he's helped me learn so much I actually am considering going back to college because of him!)

I sound like a cheerleader - (sorry) I cannot say enough good things about Betsi. I wish the developer worked for etsy support!

Keep up the fantastic work www.Blugrin.com you guys are awesome!!!!

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