Can't Imagine Managing Etsy Without BETSI

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Can't Imagine Managing Etsy Without BETSI
1 Oct 2014
I have been a dedicated user of this time saving app for nearly 3 years. I have no idea how I would manage our inventory without BETSI. I can quickly make title, description, or pricing edits to 1 item, or every one of the over 500 items in our shop. Tag / Materials management and placement is a breeze, as is searching and sorting. I can manage our images and our shipping profiles. There is also no need to ever place our shop into Etsy "Vacation Mode" as we just place an announcement at the top of each listing explaining that we are away and continuing to accept orders. When we get home, the announcement is simply removed and our shop hasn't skipped a beat. Shipping and handling times are also quickly edited.

The creator of BETSI is very customer service oriented, a rarity today. The few times that I have had a problem, even if it was just not knowing how to do a task, the creator of this tool has been quick to respond to my questions with the assistance I have needed. BETSI has constantly improved over time and continues to do so. She has always performed consistently.

The bottom line here for me is that I could not imagine running our Etsy shop without this tool.
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