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:=:=: eBay Buyer/Bidder History Search Tool :=:=:
4 Oct 2014
We've just launched our new eBay Buyer/Bidder History Search Tool, which attempts to display all items a user purchased or won within the last several weeks. This new tool is meant as a near-identical replacement for the former, long-standing Advanced Search by Bidder search functionality eBay had offered for many years, but retired just a couple months ago. Our new tool is free to use, just like all of WatchCount.com's tools and services.

While either party in an eBay transaction can make use of our tool, we had small eBay sellers in mind while developing it. We learned that those who knew about and used the similar, former eBay search tool had some solid reasons to put it to good use:

  • to help identify and corroborate suspicious buyer behavior or claims
  • to assist in manually cross-selling other eBay items, such as a custom-printed promo flyer inserted in outgoing shipments
  • to help reveal trending products and general purchasing behavior
  • to offer some measure of bidder vetting on high value bids
  • to enable sellers who receive misdirected customer inquiries to relay the buyer to the proper eBay seller

  • We hope you find our new replacement search tool helpful, and please feel free to contact us through the site with any questions you may have.

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