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There are better companies out there
6 Oct 2014
I wish I had read some of these reviews before I wasted so many hours trying to make this software work, and who knows how many more hours trying to get my money back.

I sell on eBay, Amazon, a BigCommerce site and my brick and mortar store. I found software to connect my B & M store to BigCommerce, and explained my situation clearly to the very genial Solid Commerce salesperson. Obviously, I needed to constantly pull the updated inventory numbers from BigCommerce into Solid Commerce, where they would be pushed out to Ebay and Amazon. Continuous updating is a basic function of an software of this type. I was told Solid Commerce could do this, and agreed to let them charge my card a $1200 setup fee.

We began training. The user interface is not particularly user friendly and we ran into bugs which stopped our progress and necessitated me changing the workflow I had planned around Solid Commerce. My initially very pleasant trainer became frustrated and things began to go downhill. Delays in getting my main website up (due partly to not being able to load images via Solid Commerce because of bugs) slowed us down more.

Finally after many hours of training, I was told that, in fact, Solid Commerce could only load inventory figures from Big Commerce once, not continually, as any sort of platform integration would require and as I was told before starting. Result: a massive waste of time on all sides. I am out my time and employee time I paid for them to sit in on the training sessions.

Okay: systems are complicated and human beings misunderstand each other. The salesman apologized graciously, but the manager admitted no error and basically blamed me for it. In order to put it behind me and not waste any more time, I offered to let them keep $300 if they would promptly refund the other $900. They said they would check with the billing department, and at that point they stopped answering my emails. I am now locked in a dispute with them to try to get back the money they charged me for a service that could never work for me in the first place.

Other comments: unpleasant user interface, poor response other than from my account manager (any other queries disappeared into a black hole) and, generally just seems like a distant second to other programs like Ordoro.

Buyer beware

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We're sorry you did not have a better experience
17 Oct 2014
To address a point made that Solid Commerce cannot continuously import inventory numbers from Big Commerce, I'd like to offer a bit more information about our functionality.

Solid Commerce is designed to function as the merchant's true source of information. The software's configuration enables clients to perform a data import directly through the API into the Solid Commerce account to allow for an easy transition to a new ecommerce platform. Merchants will manage their listings through Solid Commerce from that point on, including any necessary inventory updates, that are automatically communicated to all integrated channels.

For those merchants with existing POS connections into their web cart, Solid Commerce offers a QuickBooks POS integration (as well as an accounting integration) to manage the brick and mortar side of the business.

Solid Commerce is a platform packed with a multitude of powerful solutions. This inherently requires a certain level of complexity to the interface to provide sellers with the advanced capabilities they have grown to expect from the platform. Having said that, any feedback provided in regards to improving the use and experience on the platform is greatly appreciated.

At Solid Commerce, we welcome constructive criticism. However, I would like to set the record straight in regards to your billing concern. We replied two days after you inquired into the refund and agreed to provide the $300 refund.

Thank you for your time and we wish you the best.

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