Help for a newbie

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Help for a newbie
23 May 2006
Andy and friends,
This site is tremendous and I look forward to learning and providing any insight I can from my business. I am hoping for some professional advice. For 4 months now my expanding business has been operating on eBay with 2 ID's and my own website. The product line is aggressively expanding and I am all over the place so to speak. Ideally I want to use the website as my fees are lower but I cannot get customers there. My question: What software package will manage across multiple auction sites (yahoo, overstock, amazon, Ebay etc) AND market through search engines and email among other ways to get more customers to my website? Is such an animal out there?
Thank you in advance.
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Re: Help for a newbie
27 May 2006
Hi There-

Well, I'm pretty new to the game myself, but I'll get the ball rolling.

The good news: There are many options out there

The bad news: Trying to find the right fit

Some of the top auction management/ecommerce websites are Marketworks and Channel Advisor (others will chime in with their favorites that can handle what you are looking for. My advice to you is, before you even start looking into a management solution, write down everything you want it to do, otherwise you may get caught up in bells and whistles that you don't need.

Secondly, I have two things for you to look into. Janelle Elms has some great tips on how to amp your eBay Store sales which could in turn save you cash on fees. You should just be able to type her name in eBay and find her. Another things to consider, and this ties in with the first, is to make your domain name redirect to your eBay store. A outstanding example of this is Once you type that in, it goes to their eBay store, but it looks like a website (and as a sidebar, they use Marketworks

So, that's my two cents. Hope it helped somehow.


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