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rick imby
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Facebook Sales
9 Oct 2014
I have heard a little bit about Facebook sales but I know nothing about it. Are any of you folks working it successfully?
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Re: Facebook Sales
14 Oct 2014
Hi Ricky

I have seen facebook more as assisting sales and not much direct sales.This can be analysed from your Google Analytics. I have attached an image to show how Facebook / Social assisted sales are seen.

Assisted conversion refers to the channel that helps conversion. The visitors came to your site from any social media at least once and they came again though another source to convert.

Let’s say I click on one of your tweets and go to your site. But then I leave before completing any goals. I’m just a social visitor at this point. But then I come back 2 days later and complete a goal. Then I get counted as an assisted social conversion.

Hope this helps.

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Matt Thorpe
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Re: Facebook Sales
15 Oct 2014
Facebook is more of a brand tool. In fact, all social media channels are (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube). Don't use these great marketing tools to push the 'hard sell'. Use them to start and maintain a conversation with your customers and prospects. In time, if you provide good content, they will become familiar with your brand and then begin to be more engaging.

It works in the same way that you buy a car. Nobody really buys a car on impulse. You tend to look at reviews from a number of websites, take it for a test drive and then you may think about it before you buy. Selling is about warming people up and building trust.

If you abuse social networks and try to sell constantly then people will just switch off. Believe me. I've seen it happen with some larger brands.

I hope this helps.

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