SEO Tips - 10 to get you started

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SEO Tips - 10 to get you started
15 Oct 2014
Hi Guys,

I just thought I would give you a few quick tips on SEO. These may come in handy and help you improve your Google rankings.

10 Googles Hates (that can hurt your online business)

• Buying links - Don't do it. Google will penalise you. Get links from PR or product reviews.

• Lack of content - Don't be lazy. Google wants to see you care about your site and your visitors. Keep adding new, relevant content to it.

• Copied content - Don't copy from other sites. Make your content unique as it will benefit you.

• Spammy content - Don't stuff content with keywords. Make it relevant and readable.

• Sites that are loaded with images - Make sure you have text on your size so google can read it. Google can't read images so pretty sites usually have poor SEO performance. High-end fashion sites are like this, they look pretty but neglect SEO. This is because they have a ton of expensive PR and advertising pushing people to their site.

• Sites that load slowly - Make sure your site loads quickly. Google likes quick speedy sites. Slow sites will be penalised. There are many free speed checkers on the web.

• Sites that are not mobile friendly - Mobile is the way forward and will soon cater for 60% of web traffic. Make sure your site is mobile friendly.

• Poor usability (High bounce rate) - Google like good usability. Cluttered home pages and messy sites will have a high bounce rate. That tells google your site isn't very good. Keep it clean and easy to navigate.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to comment and add more tips. I will do when I get the chance.


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