Dont do business with channeladvicer, they are liarers.

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Dont do business with channeladvicer, they are liarers.
22 Oct 2014
uploading your inventory will take 6 month.
contract starts from day on signing.
they dont take responsabilaty for there system bugs.

please do not work with them, just biuld your own data base and work by your self.
waist of money and time!!

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Re: Dont do business with channeladvicer, they are liarers.
21 Nov 2014
Couldn't agree more, exactly what happened to me ( and plenty others )

If your reading this as a potential customer, don't do what i did.
Don't read all these horrible stories from ripoffreport and other websites and think 'yeh but those people are idiots', or 'maybe ChannelAdvisor has fixed these issues by now', that's what I thought and did.
So here I am , nearly 7 months in and i'm writing my own letter of warning.

Don't do what I did, unless you have cash to burn and so much free time you need something to do

After getting some truly useless service called 'launch plus' ( which cost £2,500 to be paid up front ).
We were ignored, 24/7 support via email ( website suggests a couple of hours to get a reply )
I have at least two tickets open for more than two weeks now.

They provide many products I have only subscribed to one ( In my case, listing on ebay) but from what I can see it simply does not work correctly.
When you open a ticket to say "Hey this doesn't work as it should or like your documention says it should" the ticket is ignored.

Coming from a background of 7 odd years on ebay managing 67,000 listings with a mixture of BIN/Auction different shipping rates for different countries etc etc.

ChannelAdvisor was supposed to be the software that streamlined the process, turns out I spent 6 months of my life trying to change my system to make it work with their backwards layout, to ultimately find some of the stupidest bugs at their end.
Worse yet they had no intention of addressing the bugs, let alone a time scale.

After spending 6months of staff time, £2,500 up front 'launch' costs and signing a £10,000 per year contract.
We're back to using a mixture of software to handle every aspect of eBay, why? Because it works in every single way, where as ChannelAdvisor does not work in almost every single way.

Truly the biggest waste of time and money we've spent as a company to date.
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Re: Dont do business with channeladvicer, they are liarers.
12 May 2015

I'd like to know how you are handling your eBay now. I am really struggling to find a multichannel solution that actually does a good job with eBay. Six Bits is good at it, but too bad they don't seem to work with any other programs.
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