Developing Channel Management Software

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Re: Developing Channel Management Software
4 Sep 2015
Hello everybody:

Thank you all for the interest in this and thank you very much to Andy for nudging me to respond to this thread. I have not visited in some time! Work, some personal things and other projects have distracted me.

That said, I am ready to re-engage and have progressed a wee bit on this project. I have a proof of concept web and mobile (android) app and have begun to set up some infrastructure (hosting, business structure) for this venture.

My road map is as follows: I will continue to develop the software/technology, but need to embark on discovery for this domain.... Where the need is and what can be reasonably accomplished. That is where you all come in. I would still love to keep this thread alive and talk to anyone privately.


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Re: Developing Channel Management Software
27 Sep 2015

Take a look at SellerCloud, heck of a wonder machine for multi+ channel integration including much of quickbooks.

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