Brielle Jewelry Review Valigara Online Jewelry Manager

A review of Valigara Online Jewelry Manager by urielt
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Brielle Jewelry Review Valigara Online Jewelry Manager
27 Oct 2014
For us, Brielle Jewelry, Valigara Online Jewelry Manager has proven itself to be the most professional and effective tool for multi-channel marketing in jewelry niche! Valigara addresses the specific niche of jewelry and diamonds industry, and provides the tailor-made, all-in-one solution for jewelry trading. It allowed our company to build and successfully expand our presence on all important marketplaces including eBay, Etsy, Bonanza, on our Magento website, and also automate the social networks marketing. Managing all aspects under one roof lets us expand rapidly and saves a lots of human resources. The platform is constantly growing, by adding new channels such as Sears and Dawanda lately, and implements more advanced analytic and BI, which makes our online work more efficient and saves lots of marketing budget. Soon the company has announced an integrated dropshipping module, which will allow us for an additional business aspect.

Definitely the ultimate tool for serious eCommerce in jewelry industry!

Thanks in advance!

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